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Alumina Ceramic Lined Pipe and Bends

Cast Basalt

Wear Seal - CBC TM

Alumina Ceramic Lined Mill Equipments

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Dense Medium Cyclone                      Alumina Ceramic lined Ash pump volute casing


BMW Steels is the market leader in offering effective Wear Management Solutions that involves Alumina Ceramic Lining, Cast Basalt Lining, trowel-able ceramic lining (Chemically Bonded Ceramic) and wear resistant Hi-Chrome and Manganese Steel casting.

BMW Steels is capable of identifying an effective solution for almost all wear erosion and corrosion problem with effective lining solutions using wear resistant material mentioned below:
  • Alumina Ceramic Linings

    Alumina 92—90-92% Alumina Content
    Liners are available in rings, tiles, sleeves and other customized shapes. Alumina Ceramics are ideal for plant components as it does not extensively increase the weight of the components.

  • Cast Basalt Linings

    Basalt 450- Liners are available in Pipes, Tiles, Anti Skid Tiles and other customized shapes.

  • Trowel-able Ceramic Linings (Chemically Bonded Ceramic)

    In situ lining of various grades of CBC linings are available. We also provide Ni-Hard bends, Y-connections and Hi Chrome liners to fight against wear and tear. Our stock widen up to BMW Grooved coupling system and BMW slip on type couplings for pipe line end connection.