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Ni-Hard Products

Bends and Fittings

BMW Steels Ltd. is an Indian company, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products of Ni-Hard Ash Pipeline. The range encompasses bends, fittings, like tee, deflectors etc. Our Ni-Hard Ash Bends are specially coated with the metal Ni-Hard, which has the chrome content of 1.4% to 28%. It finds application in milling, mining and earth handling for its low and high stress abrasion, This abrasive iron is the perfect metal for the prevention of abrasion in Ni-Hard Pipe Bends. Having good wear and tear in various applications, our product range includes:

BMW Steels Ltd. manufactures the products of Ni-Hard Ash Pipeline using processes that have been accepted in the industry. Owing to these processes, we offer clients the finest quality Ni-Hard Ash Bends that have precision dimensions and good resistance against rust. We receive repeat orders for our clients, justifying the quality and reliability of our company. Some part of the profits earned by exporting Ni-Hard Pipe Bends are invested into the research processes for enhancing the existing quality standards of all our nickel hardened products.