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Cast Basalt liners are being manufactured by us under our brand name BASALT 450TM. We can manufacture variety of shapes and sizes depending on the requirement of the client. The most common sizes are:

1. Plates of sizes 200 mm X 200 mm X 40 mm
2. Liners of size 130 X 50/47 X 20 mm

3. Pipes ranging from 80 mm to 450 mm ID and 500 mm length

4. Hexagonal Liners
5. Anti Skid Liners

In processing, we use two, in essence different processes. One included milling, pressing and sintering, and the other melting and casting. These processes yield almost same properties of the end product. Choice of process for manufacturing is decided by the shape of liner to be manufactured.

In the pressing process, before sintering, basalt aggregate is milled in the powder then mixed with the additives and after that, isostaticaly pressed under pressure of 300-500 MT.
Casting as a method of basalts processing consists of melting of the aggregate in a furnace at temperatures in the range of 1400 Deg C, pouring into the mold, centrifugal casting and subsequently cooling of the castings, with relaxation of internal stress.

Results obtained in these examinations show that the casting method of treating the basalt gives more possibilities in a matter of shapes and dimensions of pieces, but the mechanical characteristics of final products were approximately the same. Wear resistance was high in both cases

Pipe Liners

Hexagonal Liners

Rectangular Plates/Tiles