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Chemically Bonded Ceramic

We provide Chemically Bonded Ceramic Solutions, which is resistance to various types of sliding abrasion and offers protection to fine particles against abrasion up to 250 deg. F. Products developed following this process include Ash Handling Pipes and Bends, CBC in Ash Sump Lining and Slurry disposal system lining, and CBC in Scrapper Conveyor Lining and Bottom Ash Hopper Lining. The process involves the embodiment of expanded metal backing with ceramic beads, which can be applied on both regular and irregular surface, owing to the non-sagging feature of the paste.

Chemically Bonded Castable has outstanding wear resistance properties and thus, it is widely demanded in Cement Industry and Plant Industry. It is used to manufacture Dust Collector Pipes, Screw Conveyors Lining, Pump Housing Repair Spouts, Ash Slurry Pipe and Fittings, Ash Pump Housing Lining, and others. Our Chemically Bonded Ceramic is highly efficient in fighting wear and provides long term solution against it. This makes us stand as a top notch manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in India.

Technical Details: