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CBC in Scrapper Conveyor Lining Bottom Ash Hopper

Scrapper Conveyor Lining
In the domain of wear prevention & management, BMW has established new benchmarks as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of highly effective CBC. Low grade wear and optimal hardness lets our CBC stand apart from the other alternatives available in the market. CBC offers ideal strength to scrapper conveyor and enhances their operational life and performance.

  • Fine mechanical (compressive & flexural) properties
  • Environment Friendly process
  • Low density
  • Ultra quick (controllable) setting time

Bottom Ash Hopper
In addition to scraper conveyor lining, CBC solution is also very useful in protecting Bottom Ash Hopper, used for conveying ash from the base of hopper. CBC is the best solution as a corrosion prevention lining for scrapper, considering the level of wear and erosion caused to the bottom parts. Chemically bonded phosphate ceramics (CBPCs) are passed through properly defined chemical reactions to prepare high strength attain strength in the cementitious material. Innovations, researches and explorations from our side help us in upgrading the robustness, impermeability, strength, along with the capability to deliver maximum resistance to abrasion.

  • Excellent mechanical properties (compressive and flexural strength)
  • Low density
  • Ultra swift & controllable setting time
  • environmentally safe process