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CBC in Ash Sump Lining Slurry Disposal System

CBCTM mortar series of compounds are trowel lay onto an anchoring expended mesh.

CBCTM is a mortar bonded product range; contains extremely hard sintered compounds like Alumina and Silicon Carbide as fillers in CBCTM Linings. CBCTM contains micro and nano-components to ensure high degree of densification by close the pores of the mortar element.

CBCTM is a range of extremely high strength compounds providing superior protection against moderate to severe wear conditions - available as both low and high temperature products, catering for process temperatures up to 100°C and 900°C respectively.

The high hardness fillers of sintered compounds incorporated in the CBCTM matrix offer extremely good sliding wear resistance. CBCTM has a hard sintered Alumina/Bauxite/Silicon Carbide base. CBCTM compounds are available with a variety of bonding agents, depending on the application.

CBCTM has an advantage for all the grades about flexibility of use. CBCTM can be employed to install new linings with difficult profiles and on the roofs too using few simple lining tools. Recommended CBCTM lining thickness depends on the job requirements and application conditions. The thickness of the lining can be recommended after technical evaluation of BMW at the lining site. Curing time of CBCTM series of compounds is 48 hours.

Application areas of plant equipment and system components lined with CBCTM:
  • Drag Chin Conveyors;
  • Pneumatic Conveying systems for Coal, Cement and Slag ;
  • Dust Extraction Equipment; Hydro Cyclones, Cyclones;
  • Grinding Mill internal lining for Classifier, mill body and difficult shapes.
  • Static and Dynamic Separators; Chutes etc.


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